Terrified Shrine Circus Elephants Make a Break For It In The Worst Place Possible

elephants escape shrine circus All is now well after 3 elephants in the Shrine Circus of St. Louis found an opening in their enclosure and made a break for it. I've heard of pink elephants on parade -- but this is ridiculous (AND THE AWARD FOR WORST JOKE MADE IN THIS PUBLICATION GOES TO ME, CONGRATS SELF).

But seriously though, it was initially pretty scary sounding! The elephants escaped...into the full-parking lot. There were no injuries reported, but not all of the cars were so lucky. There was so body damage reported on several vehicles. That said, the owners of said cars can now be like "see that ding? An elephant did that." Frankly I think that's worth its weight in dented fenders. 


It's believed that the elephants were unsettled by the noise of the crowd during the show. Why this show instead of any of the countless others bothered them is anyone's guess. Maybe an audience member had a particularly annoying laugh. Stranger things have happened. No. No, they haven't. 

The elephants' handler eventually lured the elephants back to the safety of their enclosure using one of the oldest tricks in the book. Bribing their butts with snacks. She was heard loudly asking anyone around if they had anything to eat, and settled on pretzels to act as incentive for the massive mammals. The poor guys must have been so scared! Luckily their bosses were sensitive to their temerity and gave them the night off to recover from their little excursion but they are expected to perform again tonight -- only this time they'll do it in the tent (AY OH)! 

What's your favorite circus animal?


Image via Bart Rousseau/Flickr

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