Heroic Little Boy Saved His Baby Sister With Tragic Consequences (VIDEO)

Randez Brown died saving his sister One family is deeply mourning today, after a tragic accident took the life of their son, and left their young daughter in critical condition in the hospital. It's an awful story of what can happen when your average, childhood mischief turns into something else entirely -- with deadly consequences that will change the lives of all parties involved.

11 year-old Randez Brown and his 7 year-old sister Samiyah Brown were just two among a larger group of children playing outside. The kids found an opening in a chain-link fence that led to a local creek. Everything was fine until the kids made their way toward a man-made tunnel. The tunnel led to deeper water, something the kids had no way of knowing. 


When little Samiyeh was pulled deep underwater and couldn't get out, her big brother Randez immediately lept into action. He dove down to save her while some of their friends ran for help. 911 arrived on the scene not long thereafter, but what they found was truly heartbreaking. Samiyeh was alive, if just barely, but Randez was dead. 

Now the children's families mourn the loss of their brave son while keeping constant vigil at their daughter's bedside. Samiyeh is in critical condition, with doctor's saying the first 72 hours of her time in the hospital being the most crucial in terms of determining her health going forward. As if they don't already have enough to contend with, the family, who does not have insurance, have to find money to cover not just Samiyeh's medical care, but also to cover the funeral of their son who died saving the little girl. So sad. Our thoughts are with the entire family.

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Their church has rallied around to help, and they're accepting donations for this family. Donations can be sent to: One Way Baptist Church, Pastor Barrington Johnson, 3501 Tuckaseegee Rd., Charlotte, NC 28208. Or you can call the pastor at 980-216-4650.

Have you ever had a scary experience in the water?


Image via Iva Jardine/YouTube

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