New Photos Could Reveal Fate of Malaysian Flight 370 Once & For All (VIDEO)

Malaysian Airlines flight 370 found The hunt for missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370, may finally come to an end. But will its discovery lead to answers, or just to more questions? Chinese officials just announced that their satellites have found large objects that they are not currently able to identify.

They are located in the Indian Ocean and were picked up as early as March 18th.Why we are only just now receiving this information is anyone's guess. That said, China has sent out boats to investigate, and, according to officials in Malaysia, they will be reporting back as soon as more information becomes available. 


Malaysia is not in this alone. Thankfully, although the circumstances for it are troubling, they are receiving report from several other nations. 6 other countries have joined China's search efforts, and even more nations are constantly checking radars and reporting back. The show of support is heartening. Everyone is doing all that is in their power to find this plane. 

Right now, the object identified has not been found by the search crews. But this doesn't mean it's a false alarm. A good deal of the searching will have to be done by the power of human sight alone. Also, the risk remains that if it was the plane that was spotted, it has been submerged beneath the ocean since it was first picked up four days ago. Still, it is likely that this isn't a false alarm, but another major clue. Coming fast on the heels of Australia's satellite hits, the search terms surely are drawing closer to the truth.

What do you think happened to the plane?


Image via CNN/YouTube


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