Weekend Cheat Sheet: Missing Malaysian Jet Leads, Lindsay Lohan's Lovers & More

lindsay lohanHappy spring! It's Friday already -- are you wondering, "what just happened?" Well, we've got you covered. For starters, we finally got a break in that missing Malaysian jet case. The U.S. is official mad at Russia now. A controversial religious leader died this week. And Madonna posted a TMI selfie -- but not the kind you'd expect from her. There are just a few of the big headlines for the week. Here's your weekly news cheat sheet.


1. Missing Malaysia Airlines jet: Why did pilot Shah delete data files from his flight simulator? Investigators are trying to find out if there's any significance to those deleted files. This week via satellite Australian authorities spotted 2 large objects which could be the missing plane -- or not! They are searching for those objects now in a remote part of the Indian Ocean. It's the best lead we have so far, but weather has made the search more difficult. "I am prepared for dead bodies," says Sarah Bajc, whose boyfriend, American Philip Wood, was aboard the plane. "But I am not prepared for never knowing." 

2. What's going on in Ukraine? On Sunday, Crimeans voted in favor of breaking away from Ukraine and joining Russia. A treaty ratifying the change was signed by Putin this week. The international community says the referendum is illegal. Obama expanded sanctions against Russia

3. Wheel of Fortune epic win: Contestant Emil won $45,000 with one lucky guess -- or maybe he really is that smart? Emil put together "New Baby Buggy" from just a few random letters in the unhelpfully vague category "Thing."

4. Lindsay Lohan's lovers: That list of men Lindsay Lohan supposedly slept with may have gotten a few men in trouble. In Touch magazine leaked a few more names from Lohan's list of conquests, and they included men in committed relationships like Orlando Bloom, Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Philippe, and Benicio Del Toro. Of course, we don't know when exactly these alleged hookups happened. 

5. Too fit for the gym?!? Planet Fitness asked a woman to cover up because her toned body was intimidating other people. Okay...

6. Westboro church founder dies: The founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, known for its anti-gay protests, Fred Phelps died around midnight on Wednesday.

7. Teen climbs skyscraper and takes selfie: A 16-year-old managed to sneak into World Trade Center 1 in New York City, climb to the top, and snap a few selfies. I imagine his parents felt a combination of pride and fury.

8. Nun is totally owning The Voice: Sister Christina wowed judges on the Italian The Voice. In an interview following her performance she said she was hoping for a phone call from Pope Francis. 

9. Random act of kindness goes viral: Radio DJ Tara Stevens won the hearts of parents everywhere with her compassionate Facebook post for a mom who fell asleep on the job. "Dear Exhausted Mother Who Fell Asleep On A Bench At "Fun 4 Kidz"...I got you." More of this, please!

10. Madonna's furry selfie: Madonna posted a selfie featuring her armpit hair. "Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!!" Well okay then, thank you for that, Madge.

What do you think -- are we ever going to find that missing jet? And do you think long armpit hair should be more acceptable on women?


Image via LindsayLohan/Instagram

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