New Photos From Kurt Cobain’s Death Unleash Rumors

kurt cobainA tantalizing rumor hit the Internet today. It started with a report this morning that Seattle police were re-investigating Kurt Cobain's death by a local news station. Police had just developed photographs of the death scene from film that had been sitting in their vaults -- and there was the possibility that the photos could shed new light on the star's untimely death. With the 20th anniversary of Cobain's death just a few days away it was starting to look like his story was about to change. But it was not to be. Seattle police are not reopening Kurt Cobain's case.


Shortly after the reopening of Cobain's case was reported in Seattle, Gawker picked up the story, then FOX News. (Gawker has since corrected their story.) The news spread via Twitter. But the Washington Post says reports of reopening Cobain's case are greatly exaggerated. The case is just being "reexamined," according to Seattle police.

Police spokesperson Detective Renee Witt tells Washington Post this all started when a cold case detective went through Cobain's file in advance of the 20th anniversary of his death. That's when the film was found. When it was developed, it revealed higher-quality images than the original photos of the Cobain's death scene. The Seattle police may publish the photos later on their blog.

And that's that. No matter how much we wish it, Cobain's official cause of death remains the same. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, so I'll have to leave the speculation to others. I think the truth about Kurt Cobain's death is as sad and tragic and baffling as it's always been, these last two decades. And a newly-developed set of photos won't change that. You can't blame fans for wishing otherwise, though.

Do you think we know the whole truth about Cobain's death?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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