Missing Malaysian Jet: 'Credible Lead' Spotted by Australia Satellite (VIDEO)

australia malasia planeThere is new hope for the families waiting for news about the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. Australian authorities say two objects in the Indian Ocean have been spotted by satellite -- and they could be plane wreckage. The Royal Australian Air Force sent a plane to find the objects, but rain and clouds prevented them from finding the debris. They are sending three more planes and a ship.

The debris could be anything -- like shipping containers that fell off a ship. "At least there is a credible lead," says Malaysia interim Transportation Secretary Hishammuddin Hussein. "That gives us hope. As long as there's hope, we will continue."


Here's what the satellite shows: The two objects appear to be about 1,500 miles away from Australia's west coast and look to be about 14 miles away from each other. They are about 79 feet across. General manager for emergency response for the Australian Maritime agency John Young says the objects "appear to be awash with water and bobbing up and down."

And that's all we've got on the objects so far. They sound large enough to be parts of the plane. Everyone has been emphasizing that the objects could be something else -- don't get your hopes up too much! they warn. But ... for a world hungry for details and families desperate to hear anything, this is a big deal.

It could be days before we find out more about these objects. It's been a dozen days since the plane's disappearance, and it's amazing that we're just now finding what could be debris. But the Indian Ocean is vast, and it's a wide ocean wilderness. 

How long do you think before searchers figure out what the objects are?


Image via CNN

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