Missing Malaysia Airplane Investigation Makes Disturbing Discovery (VIDEO)

malaysian airlines cnnThe search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet continues. The latest puts new suspicion on the pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah: Investigators say data had been deleted from his flight simulator. It appears that the files were deleted on February 3, a month before the plane went missing, March 8. Could these files hold the key to what happened to Flight 370?


Meanwhile, searchers are looking farther south, over the Indian Ocean. This is a vast area with no islands, no major flight patterns or shipping routes. Searchers think this is the most likely area where they may find the plane, but they are also looking in Asia.

In a press conference, investigators said they haven't found anything of significance in their background checks of the passengers so far. They do say Malaysia received radar data from other countries but cannot reveal anything about that yet. And they said claims that the plane was sighted by people in the Maldives were untrue.

Family members of the victims stormed the press conference demanding answers from the Malaysian government. It was an emotional confrontation. Meanwhile, there are 17 days left to recover the black box before its battery is expected to die.

Forensics experts are trying to recover the lost flight simulator files. But what if the answer is a lot more simple than we think? Yesterday, another theory went viral. Maybe there was an electrical fire in the cockpit. Captain Shah turned around so he could land the plane back in Malaysia ... but he just didn't have enough time to make it back.

Do you think it's suspicious that files had been deleted from Captain Shah's flight simulator?

Image via CNN

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