Malaysia Airlines Disappearance Was 'Deliberate' & Suspicion Falls on Pilots (VIDEO)

The Malaysian government has reportedly concluded that the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared on March 8 with 239 people onboard didn't crash, nor explode from a terrorist bomb -- but that it was deliberately flown off course by an experienced pilot. In other words, there is a good chance that the plane was hijacked.


Officials says that the plane's communication systems were likely deliberately turned off, because the plane then reversed course and it flew for at least four to seven hours after it lost contact with the ground. Officials say that Flight 370 likely flew towards Turkmenistan and the southern Indian Ocean.

Most shockingly, officials have raided the home of the plane's pilot, Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, looking for any clues. They say only a skilled pilot could have veered the plane off course and made it disappear from tracking so successfully. Shah is married with three children. Police also searched the co-pilot's house

Allegations that the pilots had previously let women into the cockpit, where they smoked cigarettes, also shocked Malaysia Airlines.

Officials will not comment on what they have found inside the pilots' homes, but authorities have said that while they are being investigated, they do not have any evidence linking them to the plane's disappearance.

That is definitely the kind of thing that no one should speculate on until all the facts are in. It's only natural that if the plane was flown off course, then the pilots would be looked into. But that doesn't mean they weren't victims too.

While authorities still believe that the plane could have eventually crashed in the water -- stunningly, they also believe the plane could have landed somewhere. Which means all of those people might still be alive!

This is, of course, is the outcome every wants extremely badly. But we shouldn't get our hopes up. How would a Boeing 777 land without anyone noticing? Why hasn't anyone taken credit for the hijacking, if that is what it is?

Another working theory, however, is pilot suicide. An absolutely horrific possibility. And in that case, why fly the plane for so long after turning off the communicators?

The families of those on the plane must be suffering incredibly. Let's hope the mystery is solved soon.

What do you think happened?

Update: CNN reports that U.S. intelligence officials now believe that "those in the cockpit" are responsible for what happened to the plane.


Image via CBS News


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