Mom Calls 911 for Drowning Children Only to Find Out They're Her Twins (VIDEO)

drowning twins poolWhat a nightmare for any working parent. Althea Bradford was working in an office located next to her apartment complex when she looked out the window and noticed two children drowning in the apartment swimming pool. She immediately called 911 to report the accident, but it wasn't until they were pulled out of the pool that she found out the drowning children were her twins. By the time emergency responders arrived, the children had been underwater for an estimated four minutes. Two-year-old Jada and Henry struggled for life in the hospital, but sadly Jada lost her battle and died.


Jada and Henry had been at home under the care of a sitter when they sneaked out of the locked apartment. Meanwhile, Bradford was working at the property manager's office next door. "There's two dead children in the pool! I saw bodies!" she cried frantically to the 911 dispatcher. I can only imagine her heartbreak when she found out those two babies were her own.

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I just hope Bradford has loving family and friends surrounding her to comfort her after this tragedy. Henry is still in critical condition. Medical professionals say brain damage can begin when a person loses oxygen for three minutes; he was just a minute past that point when he was found. His mother can only hope for a miracle at this point.

It's not surprising that two toddlers managed to find their way out of a locked apartment -- anyone with kids knows what 2-year-olds are like. It would have taken only a few minutes for them to escape and fall into the pool, about the same amount of time it takes to fix two children a couple of sandwiches. Thank goodness Bradford was looking out the window at all, though; otherwise, she may have lost Henry as well.

What do you think should be done to prevent children from drowning in pools?


Image via CBS Miami

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