Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Crash Site May Have Been Found (VIDEO)

malaysia airlines flightSince the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, there has been a lot of speculation as to what happened to the aircraft. Now, it seems, we may finally have the answer. China's State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense has released three satellite photos that show what may be the crash site.


They have images of three suspected floating objects, which measure 43 by 59 feet, 26 by 62 feet, and 79 by 72 feet. Debris that large is in line with the size of a large aircraft. The photos were taken the day after the crash, but the government is just releasing them. People are speculating that is because they wanted to make sure they were really seeing what they suspected. The coordinates of the pieces would put the plane in line with where it was supposed to be based on it's flight plane, according to experts.

Of course, this has not been absolutely confirmed by any government or agency, however, this is the only lead at the moment.

The mystery behind what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has grown more disturbing each day. It's not so much the idea that the plane may have crashed that seems to frighten us the most, but rather the fact that searchers were not able to find a remnant of the huge vessel. No visible pieces of metal or the seat cushions that double as flotation devices. As we wait for final word on China's satellite images, several theories about what happened are still in play.

Of course many are still holding out hope that this story will have a happy ending. Fueling this is the fact that family members say that cell phones of lost loved ones are still ringing. If they plane had crashed and the phones destroyed, wouldn't the calls go straight to voicemail? Some commentators  say this may not be so off base and suggest the plane could have gone down near a rocky island called Pulau Perak. While the landing would have been rough, they say it's possible that some of passengers may have sought refuge there. However, officials have said any survivors would have a difficult time making their way from the water up the steep surface of the island.

Then there is the widely believed notion that this was an act of terrorism. Two passengers suspected of using stolen passports may have hijacked the plane and either landed it in North Korea or some other undisclosed locale. Also at play is the idea the terrorists crashed it into the ocean, or blew it up.

Giving credence to the hijacking theory is the fact that the plane’s transponders were turned off.  According to experts, this is a manual, deliberate act. This has led some to believe that the pilots were forced to cut off all communication with the tower. Without the transponders, the plane becomes practically invisible and it’s nearly impossible to determine what flight path was taken. 

And, of course there are those bizarre theories. The Internet is buzzing with speculation that an extra-terrestrial is to blame. The fact that there was no distress signal, mayday calls, or signs that the plane was malfunctioning can only mean one thing: aliens are behind the sudden disappearance. Along the same lines, some believe this could be the act of a ripple in the space-time continuum or another Bermuda Triangle-like phenomenon. To these conspiracy theorist, that is the only explanation for the fact there was no debris.

Hopefully we will have answers soon.

What do you think happened to Flight 370?

Image via Charaka Ranas-inghe/Flickr

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