Pregnant Mom & Unborn Child Accidentally Killed by Police Officer Father

police lineThe topic of gun safety is an important one -- and one that must be discussed often as accidents keep happening. But maybe the truth really is that guns, by nature, are just not safe. Just having one runs you a great risk.

JoAnne Miller, 34, was 22 weeks pregnant with her third child. Her husband, a Pennsylvania State Trooper, was handling his .45-caliber handgun when it reportedly accidentally discharged striking his pregnant wife in the head.


Mr. Miller has been a State Trooper for nine years -- he knows about gun safety. But tragically, this accident occurred because accidents happen. And guns can never be 100 percent safe. It's believed he was cleaning the gun and didn't know it was loaded when he pulled the trigger. The bullet struck his wife in the head and he called 911 right away. 

Mrs. Miller was rushed to the hospital and doctors tried to save her and her unborn baby by performing a c-section. Sadly neither of them survived.

It was reported that Mr. Miller is "distraught, cooperative."

My heart goes out to the Millers who need the support of everyone they know right now, and always. Gun safety -- the proper handling of them -- needs to be addressed by every family, particularly when there is a gun in the house.
Are there guns in your home? What safety measures do you have in place?


Image via Tony Webster/Flickr

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