Missing Mother Last Seen Trying to Help Her Sick Toddler

Karla Villegas-GarzonIf the puzzling disappearance of a New Jersey mom doesn't have mothers across the country clutching their babies, I don't know what will. Karla Villagra-Garzon was last seen more than a week ago, on the night of February 24. The missing mom was leaving her house at the odd hour of 10:30 p.m. to pick up medicine for her 2-year-old daughter who had the flu.

The drugstore was just blocks from her home in Elizabeth, New Jersey, but Karla never made it home that night. In fact, she never even made it to the store -- at least not from the look of surveillance footage from Walgreen's. So what happened to her?


The mom in me says something awful.

Look, I understand that people run off on their families. It happens with surprising -- and depressing -- frequency. And as odd as it sounds, I'd love for that to be what happened here. It would mean that Karla Villagra-Garzon is all right, and this little girl could eventually get her mom back.

But I'm a mom. The sick 2-year-old whose mother is gone is tearing at my heart as is a husband who -- by all accounts -- is distraught and cooperating with police.

Who would leave a sick 2-year-old, say you're going to get medicine, and never come back ... on purpose? Even if the child's sickness was overwhelming you, you'd at least have it in your heart to get them the medicine they need, right? Because, ahem, sick 2-year-old!!

Karla is described as being 5 feet tall and weighing 120 pounds with long black hair and brown eyes. Police say she was last seen wearing a brown jacket, blue jeans, and black rain boots. Police are asking anyone with any information about her to call Detective Louchan Holmes at 908-558-2032 or the Elizabeth Police Communications Center at 908-558-2111.

Let's spread this woman's photo and vital statistics and get her home to her little girl.

Just look at the facts known here: can you imagine the type of mom who would run out at 10:30 at night to get a kid medicine disappearing of her own accord?


Image via Elizabeth Police Department

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