8-Year-Old Boy Shot & Killed by Brother in Accidental Shooting

broken heartAnother child has become the victim of gun safety failure. 8-year-old Sammy Lorenzo was shot and killed by a brother while they were playing. Lorenzo and his two brothers were visiting an uncle in Cincinnati. Police say the brother thought the loaded handgun he was playing with was just a BB gun. Unfortunately, he was wrong, and the boy died from a gunshot to the chest. Sammy was rushed to the hospital but died in surgery.


Police say they don't expect to press charges against any of the children, but it's too early to say whether they'll press charges against any of the adults. You can't help wondering how the children got their hands on a loaded handgun, and why they were playing with it unsupervised. At the time of the fatal shooting, there was an adult in the house, but not in the same room as the boys.

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I'm sure Sammy's brother will be forever haunted by this tragic accident. Cincinnati police Lt. Don Luck says one of the brothers "kept telling the story of how it happened, over and over again. It's so sad."

It is sad -- and it's so preventable. One little boy is dead, and other boy will forever be haunted by this accident. But the person at fault is whoever left that gun accessible to the boys. Whether or not police press charges, I think there must be some adult who desperately wishes they'd been more careful about their gun.

Do you think these unintentional shootings with kids are just sad accidents or should some adult be held responsible?


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