Wedding Stunt Gone Horribly Wrong Kills Guest & Sends Bride to Hospital

wedding cake with laceHere's news that should prove sobering -- especially for every panicked bridezilla in your life. At a wedding in India, one man was killed and four others -- including the bride -- were injured, when an over-the-top wedding performance led to a crane collapsing unexpectedly. Can you imagine anything so tragic as losing a loved one at your own wedding? It definitely puts the other small concerns in perspective in a pretty major way.

The events that led up to the crane's collapse were fairly unremarkable -- if extravagant in nature. The crane in question was being used to lower down the bride and her family onto a waiting platform. That sounds like a David Bowie tour from the mid-'80s, but weird and wacky weddings are quickly becoming the norm. What no one expected was for the crane to malfunction and cause such destruction.


When the crane came down, it crushed and killed one man (who is currently still unidentified) and injured four other people including the bride. The current status of those injured is still unknown. It's shocking how quickly a day that was meant to be one of joyous celebration could turn into one of terror, fear, and chaos in the way it did here for this bride and for her family. We're sending them all our prayers and best-wishes.

Stories like this are a sobering reality check. While of course every bride wants her special day to be unique and memorable, sometimes situations with TOO much excess combined with general excitement and alcohol can be a potential for true unmitigated disaster. We have no idea what went wrong at this tragic wedding, but I think it's safe to say that it's added more weight to the fight for simpler, less over-the-top weddings.

Did you have a big wedding or a small one? Would you do it the same way again?


Image via petempich/Flickr

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