12-Year-Old Girl Dies of Gangrene After Being Ignored by Parents (VIDEO)

This is totally heartbreaking. A 12-year-old disabled girl has died from gangrene and infected bedsores. In other words, total and complete neglect. And yet she had many chances to be saved! Her father, Errol Johnson, and her mother, Raven Ruth, have both been charged with first-degree murder. Add to that her home health aide, Chasara Jones, who has been charged with first-degree murder in perpetration of aggravated child neglect. This girl was already well known to the Department of Children's Services, who arranged for the health care worker. Then they just apparently forgot about her. Yet her care -- or lack thereof -- was so allegedly egregious that she died slowly from her horrible wounds!


Little Andrea Ruth of Millington, Tennessee, suffered from high blood pressure, obesity, and asthma. Reportedly, her condition became so bad that she was scheduled to have both legs removed because of gangrene in 2011. What?! 

However, authorities say that the girl never showed up for her surgery or any other medical appointments. So DCS reportedly arranged to have a health aide worker provided for her -- and that was that. The next thing anyone knew, she was dead. Reportedly, sepsis from the gangrene killed her. Her gangrene had gotten so bad her toe bones were sticking through her skin.

Apparently Jones, the health care worker provided, told authorities she was aware of the girl's deteriorating condition but did not notify either her health care company or the police. What?!

How the HELL do three people charged with this girl's care let this happen? How does DCS do no follow-up?

To think of how slowly and painfully this girl must have died is unspeakable. She was let down so many times. She didn't stand a chance. Horrific.

Could this girl have been saved?


Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

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