Family Who Can't Afford to Bury Loved One Holds Heartbreaking Car Wash

car wash This is just the worst. A family in Cleveland, Texas is having a week-long road-side car wash to raise enough money to cover the funeral expenses of another family member, Ray Farmer. The next time I heave a sigh over how much a cup of coffee costs these days, this story will teach me to check my privilege.

The deceased, Ray Farmer, had been sick for years and died unexpectedly in his sleep. The family couldn't begin to cover the costs of his funeral, so they are doing what they've always done -- going to work and work hard to make the money they need to pay their final respects to Ray. 

The community has really rallied to support the family in their quest to give Farmer the send-off that he, that any human being, deserves. In fact, some folks just driving by went from being customers to car washers, so eager were they to help the family earn the money they need. 


While it's great to see that the spirit of community still exists, that doesn't make the circumstances any less sad for anyone involved. The reality of losing someone is hard enough. When a person is grieving, the last thing they should have to worry about is whether or not they'll be able to come up with the money for a funeral. It seems totally barbaric to me that this is a reality so many have to face every day.

But the funeral industry is just that -- an industry, and it's suffered in our economy just like the rest of us. That said, it's practically impossible to be empathetic with their hard-up situation when you are in the awful position of saying goodbye to a loved one forever. While it's so admirable that Farmer's family was willing to step up to the plate and do what needed to be done, frankly, it's appalling that they had to. 

How has your community stepped up to help its members in their time of need?


Image via Car Wash/YouTube

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