11-Year-Old Barely Survives Horrific Fire That Kills Most of Her Family (VIDEO)

watson family home fire kentuckyA community is in mourning today after tragedy struck a Kentucky home, taking the lives of a mother and eight of her children. Authorities say an electric baseboard heater lead to a house fire in the Muhlenberg county home in the middle of the night. The family members who were killed have been identified as 35-year-old mom Larae Watson and her children: Madison, 15; Kaitlyn, 14; Morgan, 13; Emily, 9; Samuel, 8; Raegan, 6; Mark, 4 and Nathaniel, 4. Absolutely devastating.

The children's father, Chad Watson, and another child, 11-year-old Kylie, did manage to escape the fire and were flown to a Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville about 120 miles away for treatment, authorities stated. A Vanderbilt Medical Center spokeswoman stated that the two survivors were both in critical but stable condition.


After twelve hours of investigation, authorities determined that the cause of the fire can be linked to a combustible material accidentally left too close to the heater ...

It just makes your head spin, because how likely is it that the very same thing could have happened in any home, to any family? Especially considering the kind of winter we've been having across the country and more and more families having to turn their thermostats up. NBC notes that Muhlenberg county was experiencing unusually frigid temps the night this occurred, and a neighbor mentioned that the weather actually worked against the firefighters as they were trying to put out the blaze, because, "the water was turning to ice." What a nightmare.

Nothing will ever be the same for this father and daughter. Perhaps the only thing to take heart in after this tragedy is that the community aims to stand by them as they attempt to recover and move forward. But how they'll even begin to do that, though, in the wake of such a horrendous loss of so many precious young lives is almost unfathomable.

What thoughts would you share with the community and the Watsons at this time?


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