3 Dead in Suburban Maryland Mall Shooting (VIDEO)

At least three people were gunned down this morning in a suburban mall near Baltimore, Maryland. Howard County Police broke the news on Twitter that they were called to the large shopping mall in Columbia around 11:15 a.m. because of a shooter. At least three people are reported dead, one apparently the suspect.


Several people are reportedly injured and the shooter has not yet been identified. Pictures on Twitter showed mall employees as well as shoppers hiding in a stock room as the shooter rampaged through the mall. Another Twitter picture showed an allegedly bullet-riddled wall.

The suspect was reportedly found dead near a gun or guns and ammunition.

One woman told a local NBC station that she heard what sounded like "something being dropped" and then realized it was gun fire. She said she rescued a child and then ran back to where she worked. She said:

They just kept shooting and it didn't stop.

People are currently exiting the mall under police escort and the situation is believed to be now under control, especially since the shooter is reportedly dead.

So far no motive has been established.

As Tom Diaz asked on Twitter:


Yes, we are sick of it. Yes, you could be next. It seems not a week goes by without report of a shooting at a mall, school, campus, airport, government building, or some other public place.

Stop handing out guns like they're candy. Step up help for people with mental illness. And most of all, you, you angry people who feel the need to shoot people -- STOP! Find God. Find Buddha. Find Jesus. Find anti-depressants. Find a good therapist. Maybe all. Do what you need to do.

This is disgusting and sickening how a shooting happens practically every day and we can't even go about our business of living our lives without wondering about it. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims.

Here is live stream coverage:



America, what do we need to do?

Image via NBC 4 Washington

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