Famous Anchor Opens Up About Addiction That Nearly Ruined Her Life

elizabeth vargasLots of celebrities go to rehab, but not all of them are willing to talk about the experience afterwards. So I was both shocked and amazed to see Elizabeth Vargas' revealing interview after her treatment recently ended.


She opened up about her battle with alcoholism and what recovery has been like. "I am an alcoholic," she said, also revealing how she tried to hide it from everyone. She finally realized she needed help when she arrived to work at 20/20 unable to perform her job.

It was a bold admission for such a high-profile TV personality -- one we don't hear very often. It's obvious when certain celebrities need help. The downward spiral of Lindsay Lohan was well-chronicled by the paparazzi thanks to her wild nights on the town, car accidents, court dates, and public meltdowns. The same could be said of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans. At their lowest, they were tragedies waiting to happen. Some fans even talked about being on a Lohan death watch.

But then there are the cases like Vargas -- people struggling with an out-of-control addiction that most people don't know about. And as a respected newswoman, this must have been an especially difficult thing to come to terms with. It's wonderful that she can inspire others who need help or perhaps help someone realize it's time to get treatment.

Are you surprised Vargas made such a public admission?

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