School Teacher Suspended for Being Too Sexy Outside School

teacherThere is no shortage of teacher scandals in the news these days. Too many educators to count have been accused of either mistreating students or having inappropriate relationships with them. It's scary for any parent to think about. Now a Massachusetts elementary school special needs teacher is in hot water because of what many in her community consider an unforgivable choice.


Kaity Pearson's so-called crime? She is also a model who has taken semi-nude photographs. Now she has been suspended from her job. Her extracurricular activities came to light when racy photos of Pearson were anonymously sent to the school's superintendent.

Though it should be noted that she wasn't trying to hide it from anyone. Many of her modeling photos are available for everyone to see on Facebook and the Model Mayhem website. So it appears that Pearson didn't think she was doing anything wrong and I agree with her. Is her alternative career choice ideal for a teacher? No. But it doesn't affect her ability to teach her special needs students.

Her suspension is unfair. She didn't commit a crime. Those who are calling for her head need to lighten up. The real bad influences of children are usually those outside the classroom. Perhaps they should focus more on that instead of crucifying this young teacher.

What do you think of Pearson's Model Mania cover below? Do you think she deserved to be suspended?

kaity pearson 


Images via Cliff/Flickr and Model Mania

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