Deadly Massive Interstate Pileup Blamed on Dangerous Snow & Ice (VIDEO)

As if you need to be reminded again: it's dangerous out there, guys. Be careful in this weather! More than 40 vehicles were involved in a serious pileup on I-94 that resulted in the deaths of 3 passengers and injuries to at least 20 others. The accident occurred near Michigan City, Indiana, on the extremely busy interstate, which links Chicago to Detroit. And, as expected, snowy "whiteout" conditions are being blamed for the horrific accident.


The area experienced moderate to heavy snowfall early Thursday. A combination of sub-zero temperatures, which created icy roads, and whiteouts -- when it becomes nearly impossible to drive because snow obstructs your view of the car in front of you -- caused vehicles to slide and collide and even resulted in cars becoming sandwiched beneath trucks. 

Scary stuff.

The eastbound lanes of I-94 were closed during the night and early Friday morning. City buses were brought in to transport injured passengers and drivers to nearby hospitals and warm up the many people stranded on the road for hours upon hours. One person with life-threatening injuries was flown by helicopter to a medical facility. The identities of the three people who lost their lives in the crash will be revealed later today, according to authorities.

With many parts of the country continuing to battle temperatures in the single and low double digits this weekend, you can be sure road conditions will continue to be hazardous. It isn't always possible for us to stay inside and snuggle on our couches with a blanket -- oh, how we wish! -- so please execute extreme caution when driving. 

This video drives home the frightening reality of a massive pileup:

Have you ever been involved in a bad car accident?


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