Photo of Twin Toilets in Sochi, Russia Scares Us Just a Little

twin toilets russiaSo, apparently bathrooms are different in Russia. A photo BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg tweeted of twin toilets at a ski center for the Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia has everyone doing a dance in their pants. Apparently the toilets are side-by-side in the same stall, no division. Man, I knew about the communal Russian baths, but this? What's that about? You have to see this. 





twin toilets russia

Once Rosenberg tweeted his photo of the toilets, others in Russia tweeted more of these communal bathrooms. Apparently they're fairly common in Russia. I guess they're not as obsessed with privacy? Maybe they need that extra toilet for security. I mean, the terrorism threat and everything ... can't be too careful.

You may ask, is it really that hard to put up a little wall between toilets? How does that work, exactly? I mean, for number one, you're in and out. But number two, you're there for a while. Are you obligated to make conversation with the person next to you? I don't think I could handle that. It's a good thing I haven't been invited to the Olympic games.

It's surprising, considering how homophobic the Russian government has been. Is this a sort of bathroom commentary on the anti-gay-marriage stance? Like the bathroom contractors are saying, hey, we can handle it! Society isn't going to break down if gay people marry and have sex, and society isn't going to break down if we do our business together, side by side, without any sort of partition at all. It's a hopeful message, really, if you think about it.

Would you feel comfortable using one of these twin toilets if someone else were in there with you?


Image via Steve Rosenberg/Twitter

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