Cyclist Stuck in Windshield Has Shocking Message for Driver Who Hit Him

bicycleSteven Gove is a 50-year-old newspaper courier who delivers his papers by means of a three-wheeled bike. He's big on safety precautions, wearing a vest and diligently using his indicator lights so that cars see him. None of that stopped a 20-year-old dude from plowing into him and not stopping. You know, like a boss.

But this ain't your average hit-and-run tragedy. Because Gove? He's alive and well. In fact, just seconds after connecting with the driver's windshield (and then going through it head-first into the car), a startled but mostly unharmed Gove greeted the driver. "Hello, I'm the guy you just hit with your car." As if this weren't startling enough -- what happened next upped the ante in terms of butt-weirdness. The driver ignored him!


That's right, the driver (suspected of being HIGHLY intoxicated -- duh) played the game of "see no evil" until he made it back to his own home. Even then, after acknowledging he saw Gove, he did what he could to hide from the situation -- by running and literally hiding inside! Luckily, good Samaritans saw the whole thing and the cops came to help Gove, who removed himself from the car, and to speak to (slash arrest) the guy they thought was responsible for stopping Gove in his tracks. 

Did this clueless booby really think he could just ignore his problems into going away? Better this youngin' learn the hard truth now: Life does not work that way, little dude! 

Even though Gove made it out relatively unscathed (if you can call having glass removed from your eye 'unscathed'), I know between his story and this terrible second hit and run cyclist story from last week, I won't be getting back on a bike soon. It's terrifying out there! Gove played it safe and look what happened to him! 

Have you ever had a close call on a bicycle?


Image via fedeanimation/Flickr

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