4-Year-Old Shoots & Kills Cousin In Tragedy That Could Have Been Avoided

We don't need any more proof that kids and guns do not mix. And yet adults astonishingly continue to leave loaded guns around children. Yet another horrible case of a child getting ahold of a gun and it turning to tragedy reportedly happened in Detroit, Michigan, when a 4-year-old girl found a loaded and unlocked rifle underneath a bed and shot her 4-year-old cousin.


Police say that the children were playing in a back bedroom of a house belonging to the children's grandfather when the girl discovered the rifle. She reportedly pointed the gun at her cousin and fired, killing him.

I'm soooo tired of this story. How many more of them do we need? And yet police say that this was another "tragic, tragic accident" and not an example of "responsible gun ownership." Duh!

Cops say they are still investigating and it's too early to tell if the grandfather will be charged. It's unclear if this was the grandfather's gun, but considering it was reportedly his house, that seems the likely scenario. You never know though.

Every day, we see stories of parents being arrested for neglect -- sometimes for ridiculous things like letting their kids play outside. Then you have a mom arrested for sitting topless in a hot tub with her 14-year-old. But somehow stories of children getting ahold of guns are continually chalked up to "tragic accidents." Or it was a "crazy accident" like in the case of the 5-year-old who shot his 2-year-old sister.

Well, if that's the case, then how about letting every single parent off the hook who leaves their kid alone for a few minutes and the house burns down?

This tragedy is one that was completely avoidable. Every gun owner does -- or at least should -- know how to be responsible. A gun isn't a toy. It KILLS. And it kills too many children.

If it can be proven that there was an adult who placed the gun there and who knew children would be around, then that adult needs to be held responsible.

Do you think charges are warranted?


Image via SoundIron/Flickr

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