Drunk Driver Who Hit Cyclist Finally Stopped by Terrified Crowd

bikeHow much does driving under the influence impair your perception? It depends on how much you've had, but this horrible story should give you an idea. A drunk driver hit a cyclist and kept driving five miles -- with the dying cyclist still pinned to his smashed windshield! Apparently the driver was that drunk. He wasn't aware of the body blocking part of his front window -- and yet he wasn't so drunk that he couldn't still move his body enough to keep driving.


Jose Adil Simioni was recorded on video shortly after striking cyclist Marco Aurelio Dlovski on a turn in Brazil. He kept driving until other motorists noticed and boxed him in to force him to stop. Dlovski was pronounced dead, and Simioni was arrested on the spot.

Some of the motorists had mistaken Dlovski's body for a doll -- because dragging a human body through traffic is almost too gruesome and bizarre to believe. But it gets worse. The video shows a crowd gathering around the driver's truck to snap photos of poor Marco Dlovski's body, still plastered on the windshield.

I know it's not something we see every day, but let the dead man have some dignity! On top of the grief Dlovski's family and loved ones must feel at his death, they also now know that his last moments were captured by all those camera phones and most likely tweeted all over the world. This is a human being.

As for the driver, he faces charges for manslaughter and drunk driving. Keep in mind, this is in Brazil, where they have different laws. I hope after this scene, the victim's family will see some justice. But more importantly, I hope this sad incident forces people to think twice about their drinking and driving habits.

What would you have done if you'd seen this happen on the road?


Image via Pascal Maramis/Flickr

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