2 Dead After Man Jumps in Icy River to Save His Cellphone

chicago riverThe frigid temperatures that have been hitting the country over the past week or so are no joke. Polar vortex may sound like an extreme phrase, but it's apt. The weather has made for dangerous conditions, especially in places like Chicago. Tragically, two people lost their lives, due in part to the extreme cold. What makes their deaths doubly tragic is just how preventable they were.

One man died, leaping into the icy waters of the river ... trying to retrieve his cellphone. A friend who jumped in to help him was rescued in time when folks nearby heard him calling out for help. But sadly, a third party -- the girlfriend of the deceased -- is missing, believed to have drowned.


It's one thing to have to worry about dressing properly to survive the intense temperatures -- but falling into water during this weather? That's an almost instant death sentence. The truck driver who got to the scene and eventually got the police and paramedics on site had the right idea. He knew if he jumped in, that would only increase the body count.

It's terrifying to think how often we put ourselves at risk because of our phones. I know I've been nearly hit and killed by a car at least once because I couldn't bother to stop checking my email for even a second. I've seen people climb down onto subway tracks to retrieve dropped cellphones.

It's one thing to love your phone, but it's another to love it so much you'll put your life on the line for it! None of those involved needed to lose their lives, especially not in the pursuit of a phone, which probably wouldn't have worked anymore anyway.

What's the most foolhardy thing you've done because of your phone?


Image via AntoniO BovinO/Flickr

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