Not Again! Cold & Frosty Polar Vortex to Return Across U.S.

polar vortex on window

Enjoying those warmer temperatures, are you? Well enjoy them real good because it looks like another arctic blast is on the way just two weeks after the last one. Some forecasters are calling it the influences of the "Polar Vortex" again. But the latest prediction isn't supposed to be as bad as extreme as the last time. In a way that's like saying one of your childbirth experiences wasn't as bad as the other. They still both hurt a lot!


Temperatures will likely hover around the zero mark in many places, but won't reach the record-breaking lows we experienced the first week in January. In other words, it's still going to be cold so get the scrapers and the earmuffs ready.

Here's when the deepest of the deep freeze is predicted to hit and where. It will start to feel a lot colder than it is right now in these areas a few days before the extreme teeth-shattering temperatures hit:

Monday: Waves of progressively colder air will move south across Canada starting Monday in the first push of cold air.

Wednesday: The cold will hit the southern Canada Prairies and the northern plains states.

Thursday: The Midwest will feel the big freeze.

Friday: North Central States including the Ohio Valley and Appalachias gets their turn.

Saturday: Bundle up, East Coast!

Of course, there's always a chance a storm could spin up in the process, making things even more interesting! It is only the 23rd day of winter, after all, people.

Are you a winter person? Or a summer, spring or fall person?


Image via woodleywonderworks/Flickr

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