2 Children Killed in Devastating Fire Found Clutching Each Other

devastating fireThis is one of those stories that just kind of makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry. Three children were killed in a horrible house fire after their father managed to save two of his five kids, but couldn't get back in for the other three. He was seen by neighbors screaming "my babies" over and over when firefighters arrived.

Of the children who died -- 7-month-old Jayden Young, his 3-year-old sister Alexia Young, and their 4-year-old brother Dasani Young -- the older two were found clutching each other. The image of this is almost too much to bear.

Apparently the family had run into terrible money problems and that they had their gas and water shut off and were relying on open flame space heaters to heat their house. Yes, it was dangerous and obviously we could talk all day about that and how the father didn't take the proper safety precautions, but my God. How could we?


The reality is, this poor man ran out of his house literally ON FIRE in an attempt to save his children. Obviously he loved them dearly and was doing his best. It just breaks my heart that so many people are going to focus on what he did wrong.

This dad is a hero. He ran in to save his kids. Anyone with kids knows, though, that each one is precious. Losing one, even if you have more, is a uniquely awful thing no one would ever want to see happen. This man lost THREE. All at once. And he still has to live and be strong for the other two.

Even worse, some are speculating he may not have the money to bury the three he lost.

We can all judge his decisions until the cows come home, but you know what? None of us has any clue about this man's struggles and my heart goes out to him. It goes out to those poor kids huddled together on the floor. I keep thinking of my own two kids, also a boy and girl one year apart. They adore each other and I can only imagine that if they were terrified and dying, they would do the same. They would clutch onto each other and try to comfort one another.

There was clearly so much love there. I can't even think about it. My heart goes out to this poor man and his whole family. I hope they can find some comfort.

Do you fault this man because of the heaters?


Image via Ben Watts/Flickr

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