Flight Grounded After Fashion Designer’s Niece Totally Loses It

Jenny Lauren By this point, we all know about road rage. Many of us have probably also experienced it. The screaming and the yelling when we're in a rush and it feels safe (and not a little thrilling) to unleash our anger on a stranger in another car. It's a dangerous thing. Almost as dangerous is its cousin -- air rage.

That's right, we're talking about people completely losing it while traveling via airplane. The difference here? It's usually the passenger who loses their cool, not the the pilot. Making the news today is the arrest of Jenny Lauren, 41, a jewelry designer and niece to fashion icon Ralph Lauren. She was arrested after causing so much trouble on a flight in Ireland, the plane had to be diverted.


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Lauren's Delta flight had no choice other than to change their planned route and make an emergency landing. Allegedly Lauren was so drunk and abusive that she presented a danger to herself, the crew of the aircraft, and the other passengers. In an ironic bent given the charges, the initial hearing was held inside a (non-operating) pub because there was no courthouse in the area.

Lauren's going to be held in Ireland while the judge evaluates the charges against her. He's taking it incredibly seriously and has already rejected Lauren's lawyer's initial offer. It's good to see that this isn't getting washed away as though nothing happened. Just like when road rage overtakes someone, air rage can be just as deadly -- even if you aren't piloting the plane.

Lauren didn't just put herself in danger, but every single other person who was traveling with her. It's easy to get stressed out while traveling, but planning ahead, a little patience, and staying away from the booze (in excess) definitely smooth out those bumps. In a pinch, noise-cancelling headphones can help you tune out all those infuriating distractions.

Have you ever lost your cool while travelling?


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