Marijuana Cookie Sends 2-Year-Old to Hospital Days After Pot Is Legalized

Just days after Colorado legalized the sale of recreational marijuana, a 2-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital because she accidentally ingested a cookie that contained the drug. Aida Hernandez said she believes her toddler daughter picked up the treat, which looked brown, "like a chocolate chip cookie," outside of their apartment door. The mom claims she herself doesn't use marijuana, but that it's "everywhere" now that it's legal in her home state. Mom knew something was up when she noticed her child was opening and closing her eyes while asleep, couldn't walk well, and seemed weak. At the hospital, the girl tested positive for THC -- much to her mom's shock.

Is this just the first of many more stories we can expect to emerge about the dangers of marijuana since its legalization in certain areas? 


Based on the details that have come out so far, we have no reason to believe the mom was at fault here or that this was anything but an unfortunate accident. Kids pick up things from the ground. They eat them. The fact that mom didn't notice her daughter bring a strange cookie in from the outdoors is a little odd, but stranger things have happened. 

What you have to wonder though is how many witch hunt-type reports will surface or be exaggerated after Colorado took this progressive step to legalize marijuana. In my opinion, there's no reason why the drug shouldn't be regarded in the same way as prescription drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes are in the home. I have to be honest: all of the people I know who smoke pot -- including several with children -- are as vigilant about it as one can possibly be. They don't just leave the drug or paraphernalia out for a baby to play with. They store their supplies on a high shelf, in a closet, or securely locked away in a safe.

People smoked marijuana long before it became legal. All this law does is regulate the sales -- it doesn't put our children at a greater risk for harm. Anyone who would have done something reckless and stupid with marijuana -- like leave it for a child to find and accidentally ingest -- would have acted this way with or without a law to protect his or her right to buy pot.  

Do you feel the legalization of marijuana poses a threat to the safety of children? 


Image via warrantedarrest/Flickr

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