5 Places Colder Than Where You Are (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Jan 6, 2014 Breaking

oymyakonBaby, it's cold outside. Oh, you've noticed? The vicious "Polar vortex" is making much of the country feel like Antarctica this week. Some cities are warning people not to go outdoors -- at all! Well, it's probably cold comfort (har har), but there are places on Earth still colder than where you are, even with this current freeze. Just be glad you don't live in these five locations -- brr!

  • Vostok Station, Antarctica



    Pretty much all of Antarctica is bound to be colder than where you are. But scientists say the very coldest place on Earth is a ridge on the East Antarctic Plateau, where temperatures reach as low as minus 133.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, it's summer in Antarctica right now, so temperatures in the interior, like at Vostok Station, are expected to be in the -30s.

  • Mount McKinley, Alaska


    Mark Fisher/Aurora Photos/Corbis

    Weather at the peak of this famous northern mountain are expected to reach around -33 degrees on Tuesday.

  • Siberia, Russia


    Dean Conger/Corbis

    Tomorrow's expected high in Verkhoyansk, Russia could reach up to -21 degrees, but the average temperature for this Siberian location in January is closer to -50 degrees.

  • Greenland


    Justin Lewis/cultura/Corbis

    You'd think Iceland would be frozen over right now, but neighboring Greenland is colder. Tomorrow's forecast for Nuuk is a balmy 19 degrees. But the Klinic research station at the Arctic Circle has measured temperatures as low as -69 degrees.

  • Oymyakon, Russia


    MAXIM SHEMETOV/Reuters/Corbis

    Known as the coldest village in the world, Oymyakon has the lowest recorded temperatures for any inhabited location on Earth. It can get as low as -70 degrees.

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