Identity of Woman Critically Injured 2 Months Ago Still a Mystery

Santa Ana PoliceA woman in Los Angeles was hit by a car two months ago while crossing a busy intersection with a cart full of things. She was hit on October 15 and was brought to the hospital in very critical condition. Thus far, she has not spoken a word and is completely dependent on hospital staff who are calling her "Jane Doe."

It's a truly heartbreaking story. Though most are assuming she was homeless given the cart had a number of belongings, no one knows for sure. No one has reported her missing and she hasn't been able to tell anyone her back story.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened, but it's scary and sad when it does happen. Can you imagine being lost like this for months? With no family to care for you? All alone in the world? It's so, so sad.


So far, investigators have compared her fingerprints to local, state, and federal databases but no matches were returned. She also didn’t match any missing persons descriptions the area.

Part of the reason to find her family is obviously that any person deserves love and care, especially when they have been so critically injured. But part of the reason, of course, is money. A 2+ month hospital stay isn't a small expense and her medical bills will need to be paid in some way.

Despite laws against it, there are some hospitals that have been accused of turning away or "transferring" potentially uninsured critical patients. It's a pretty despicable practice, but I am sure there is some of that concern -- who is insuring this woman? -- inherent in this search.

It's pretty sick when we consider the fact that in this country when you call to make a doctor's appointment, you are asked about insurance first. I have actually not been allowed to make appointments until I present my new insurance card. Obviously, I am not critically ill (thank goodness), but what if I were?

We can't base medical care on money. It's just wrong. I hope this woman finds her family. I also hope this country finds a way to put people over the bottom line.

You can help find this woman's family. Investigators are asking anyone who recognizes the woman to contact the Santa Ana Police Traffic Division at (714) 245-8214.

Do you think they will find this woman's family?


Image via Santa Ana Police

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