Rabbi Sued After Baby's Circumcision Goes Tragically Wrong (VIDEO)

Circumcision has become more controversial over the years, with many feeling it's an unneeded and sometimes downright dangerous procedure. Yet, if you want to remain Jewish, there are generally no ifs, ands, buts, or foreskins about it. Though more of the Jewish faith are questioning it, most still do it. One pair of parents, however, probably wish they didn't. Or at least, didn't let this particular rabbi do the snipping. Because they are suing him for severing their baby's penis during his bris.


The couple's lawsuit claims the Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg made the horrific mistake while performing the ceremony eight months ago. Reportedly, the baby's penis was severed, and immediately afterwards, he was rushed to the hospital.

The little boy's penis was reportedly reattached in a risky operation that required eight hour surgery and six blood transfusions. On a week old baby!!

The baby was then reportedly hospitalized for two months -- and it's still unclear if he will ever make a full recovery. Okay, let's face it, if this suit is accurate, then this little boy's life has just been completely and totally marred. He may never have a normal sex life or children. He may be bullied. He will most likely suffer severe emotional and physical trauma.

I get that the Jewish people take their bris seriously, but you gotta wonder if it the risk is worth it. A doctor tells a local Pittsburgh station that while severing a penis is "extremely rare," the average urologist spends about 20 percent of his time repairing damage from botched circumcisions. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that one out of every 500 boys suffers "acute complications" from their circumcision. Those are fairly good odds that a bris could go bad.

Rabbi Rosenberg is still performing the ceremony, and seems to have no qualms about it, saying he is "trained." But rabbis do not need to be licensed for what is essentially a medical procedure.

As for the little boy, the rabbi doesn't seem to deny what happened, telling CBS Pittsburgh it was a "horrible accident."

Did you have your child circumcized?


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