Bombs Kills 14 in Russia Just Before The Olympics

VolgogradA bomb went off in a Russian train station killing at least 14 people and injuring countless others. This is the second such an attack in a matter of months on Russian soil. While information is still coming in, Russian authorities believe a female suicide bomber is responsible for the blast.

With just 6 weeks to go until the Winter Olympics begin in Russia, all eyes are on the nation to see what measures they'll take to prevent something like this from happening again. Video footage captured of this explosion shows its terrifying force. It makes you wonder how it could have been prevented and how the tide of violence in Russia can be stopped. 


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The bomber targeted a train station in Volgograd, a highly-trafficked commuter rail station in the south that most folks use to get to the hub of Moscow. The bombing a couple of months ago targeted another mode of commuter transport -- a bus, and killed six people. 

Though no one has taken responsibility for this attack, authorities are calling it a terrorist act. With so many visitors to the country, security should be at a maximum. The athletes should only have to focus on performing well, not on worrying whether or not they should live or die.

These Olympics have been fraught. Several celebrities and athletes have said they will not participate due to Russian treatment of gays and lesbians. It's also not the first Olympics to be marred by the fear inspired by bombs, as anyone who remembers Atlanta in 1996 can attest to. 

Do you think in light of the controversy and the threat of violence the Olympics should be cancelled this year?


Image via ToThePoint/YouTube

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