Pregnant Teenager Dies But She Gave Her Baby the Gift of Life

A pregnant 17-year-old was killed this week, but miraculously, her baby survived. The south suburban Chicago teenager was shot on Christmas Day in the back of the head after leaving her home to go out with some friends.

Eva Casara, who was somewhere between 22 and 25 weeks pregnant, was found left for dead between two houses in Dolton. She died Thursday morning from the gunshot wound, but not before doctors were able to save her baby girl.


Lailani Paris weighed just over a pound and is still in critical condition. Eva had picked out her name when she found out she was having a girl. Eva’s grandmother Fannie Casara, 63, stood by her hospital bed and urged her dying, unconscious granddaughter to “fight hard to save this little tiny baby.” She said, “I’ll do everything in my power to help raise your baby.”

Hopefully Lailani will pull through with the strength of her mother’s love. Deciding to keep the baby when you’re a pregnant teenager is not an easy decision to make these days, but Eva did it.

She dropped out of high school to prepare for raising her child, but she was working on her GED and had plans to attend community college to pursue a career in nursing. She wanted to make a good life for her daughter.

Police don’t have any suspects in the shooting, nor do they know of any motives. Fannie, who has raised Eva since infancy, doesn’t know why her granddaughter was shot either. It’s possible it was as petty as a theft -- she was found without her iPhone, purse, hat, and coat.

While it’s a tragedy that Eva’s life got cut short, and Lailani will never know her mother, that little girl still has a lot to live for. I hope she grows up and keeps her mom’s memory alive.

Have you ever experienced a tragedy on Christmas?


Image via Jon Ovington/Flickr

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