Children Injured While Swimming in Massive Piranha Attack (VIDEO)

Christmas Day turned into something out of a horror movie for 60 people cooling down with a swim in the stifling temps of Argentina. More than 20 children were part of a crowd suddenly attacked by one of the most disgusting things imaginable -- big fish that bite people. And they've got some big ass teeth. They're piranhas!!! Yikes, this is almost enough to put me off water altogether. Reports differ, but at least two children, possibly more, were left with serious injuries, including losing fingers and toes.


The mass attack took place in a river appropriately named the Parana river, in Rosario, Argentina. Reports say that the teeth-baring fish, a cousin of the piranha, called palometas, suddenly swarmed when fishermen left behind debris. Most people were bitten on the arms, legs, and hands. One report says at least seven children lost at least part of their limbs, with some children losing entire fingers.

You'd think no one would want to venture near the water after this terrifying occurrence, but there's a heat wave in Argentina right now, and shortly afterwards, people went right back in. Eventually, they were forced from the water and the beach was closed.

Believe it or no, the same thing happened on this river back in 2007. Yikes.

While this seems unbelievably scary, palometas are pretty rare, inhabiting South America's Parana and Paraguay Rivers. So, if you're vacationing in Tampa, you don't have much to worry about. (Except, you know, sharks.)

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I can't imagine why people would be swimming in a river where these creatures are known to be, but I guess when it's 100 degrees outside, you do what you need to do. Unfortunately, it sounds like some children will bear the injuries of this swim for the rest of their lives.

I seriously can't imagine splashing away, having fun, and then, the next minute, blood fills the water and you're scrambling for your life from some nasty ol' fanged fish.

Do you ever worry about being bitten when you swim?


Image via Daily Mail


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