Mega Millions Prize Is $550 Million in 4th Biggest Jackpot Ever -- You Never Know!

mega millionsHey, why not, right? When the Friday the 13th drawing for the Mega Millions produced no winner, and no one was able to claim the $425 million prize, officials raised the winnings to a cool $550 million. It's the fourth-biggest prize in U.S. lottery history! Bahamas, here I come!

Directors believe that this number could climb even higher before Tuesday's drawing. Still, too bad Friday the 13th didn't turn into someone's extremely lucky day: The winner would have had a cash option of $228 million before taxes. Not too shabby. The winning numbers were: 19-24-26-27-70, Mega Ball: 12. But no winner today means an even bigger prize and probably lots more players for Tuesday!


Of course, now that the prize is well beyond $500 million, lots of people are going to shell out a couple bucks or two because ... what if?? Who hasn't played the "What would you do first if you won the lottery?" game? And even though no one won the grand prize on Friday, nine people still got a huge pay day in $1 million prizes for matching the first five numbers. And the cost for a chance to win all these millions is just $1. The largest Mega Millions jackpot ever claimed was $656 million in March 2012, just in case you felt like being jealous today.

Believe it or not, my relatives' next door neighbors actually won the New Jersey Mega Millions back in May and walked away with $73 million (before taxes). So IT CAN BE DONE, PEOPLE! Though the chances are incredibly small -- they revamped the game so the pot gets bigger faster but your odds of winning go down -- it's always fun to imagine how your life would change if you were to win an obsene amount of money in just one day. I mean, what the heck would you even do the second you find out you won besides pass out?! (Bring on the Dom, I'd say.) Well, perhaps if you do buy your ticket on the notoriously unlucky Friday the 13th and end up winning, it could soon become your new favorite day.

Best of luck to all you lotto players! Though, if no one wins on Tuesday, the pot could then rise into the billions -- and I can't wait to see the frenzy that would result if that were to happen!

Are you going to play the Mega Millions now that the prize is so high?


Image via Robert S. Donovan/Flickr

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