Late to Work? No Worries, the Subway Will Write You a Note

subwayI cannot tell you the amount of times I have been late because of public transportation. Work or play, it almost never fails. Unless I allot time ON TOP of the time I've already rationed out for travel, the only thing that winds up being dependable about my commute is the extra 15 minutes it takes me to get to my final destination.

This is no big deal at parties -- some would argue it's even fashionable. But at work? That's another story. Nothing screams 'unprofessional' quite the way tardiness does. In New York, the MTA feels your pain. While they might not be immediately able to speed up your commute (*pauses to shake fist at the heavens*), they WILL write you a late note to bring to your boss.


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Yeah. You heard me. Oh sure, they can't stop raising the price of our fare, and my morning train is slower and more crowded by the day -- but at least they're willing to take one for the team. How very thoughtful of them. Can you even imagine how much more time you'll waste trying to get someone to actually put pen to paper? Forget it. That is time wasted that could be better spent running to work.

New York's not the only place in the world where late notes are made available for wronged-commuters. This has been a long-standing policy in Tokyo. It got me thinking of all the other places that should offer late notes. Here are 5 of them!

1. Beds

If my bed were a sentient being, oh the notes I would have it write. "Becca was late today because I am too warm and snuggly and delicious. Sorry not sorry, sincerely, The Bed."

2. Cable

Specifically, Law & Order marathons. Oh the time that has passed before I realized I was supposed to be at that appointment ... 30 minutes ago. Boo hiss!

3. Bars

To winnow it down a bit -- alcohol should apologize. For being so damned delicious. But since that doesn't seem likely, we'll settle for a note penned by the bar, explaining that it was full of much too much yummy wine in need of drinking.

4. Jobs

Forget being late TO work, what about being late getting home? Our jobs owe our families a letter explaining why it was so crucial we stay in that four-hour managers' meeting. But be forewarned: Children do not have much time for your 9-5 type excuses, "job."

5. Cute Animals

In lieu of an actual note explaining that the need to rub a kitten's belly had made you lose track of time, we suggest just bringing the kitten. It's all about the visual aids.

What makes you late the most often?


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