Dogs Kill 3-Month-Old Baby They Thought Was a Toy

shiba inuEvery once in awhile you hear about a vicious dog that attacked a child and you wonder: didn't someone see that coming? Why would anyone allow a dog like that to be around a child? Throw them in JAIL! But it's not always that simple, is it? As a matter of fact, police have decided not to charge the mother and father of a 3-month-old baby killed by the family's dogs this week.

Columbus, Ohio, police say Mia Gibson was on the couch with her sleeping father and her mom was in the bedroom of the family's condo when the incident happened. The little girl apparently fell from the couch, and the Gibson family's Shiba Inu dogs moved in.

But cops say the dogs didn't attack the baby.


Instead, they think the dogs played with the baby, or at least did a doggie version of playing, which, with a 3-month-old, turned out to be deadly. Dad was sleeping, so he didn't even notice.

Got that? This wasn't your standard vicious dogs attack child story. It sounds much more like a tragic accident that could have happened to ... anyone.

How many times have you fallen asleep with your child in your arms? Would you think that your kind, sweet family dog would hurt the child?

You see what I mean?

I notice a LOT of hate any time the word "dog" shows up in an incident involving a child. People get angry, and they demand justice for the kids. But the fact is, accidents happen. They are sad -- in this case tragic -- but by the very definition of accident, you couldn't have seen it coming, you couldn't prevent it.

These poor parents just lost their baby girl. There is no punishment worse than that.

Put yourself in this family's shoes. Could this have happened to you?


Image via Wikimedia

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