15 Injured After Elderly Driver Crashes Through Trader Joe’s Store (PHOTOS)

More than a dozen people were injured in a bizarre car crash on Friday when an elderly woman drove through the storefront of a Trader Joe’s in Long Island.

A white Buick sedan driven by a woman looking to be in her 70s must have been going full bore, because the entire car ended up inside the store. This isn’t like the building got dented or something -- the car kept going until it ended up midway through one of the aisles.


Holy cow. I hope everyone is ok, and I hope this lady’s driving days are behind her.

One of the victims was pinned underneath the vehicle and emergency responders had to use airbags to rescue him. His injuries are described as severe.

Other injuries include broken bones, head injuries, and cuts and bruises from glass shattering.


Have you ever witnessed a crazy crash?


Image via Cdubz03/Twitter

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