Mysterious Letter From Missing Teen Points to Clues About Her Whereabouts

Abigail HernandezFrom day one, cops have not known whether or not missing New Hampshire teenager Abigail Hernandez would just up and leave her family. Now, nearly two whole months since the 15-year-old disappeared, there's new evidence that she may be alive ... but she is likely in danger. A letter, sent to Abigail's mother, has become public.

What's so significant about this letter, you ask? Cops say the letter -- received by Zendaya Hernandez in November -- was written by Abigail and postmarked October 23. Abigail went missing on October 9.

In many ways this is the news you hope to hear about a missing child.


It's a sign that she's alive.

That's a good thing, right?

We've heard often enough that missing children must be found within 48 hours if they're ever to be found alive, but here's solid proof that Abby was alive well beyond that. That means -- hopefully -- that she is still alive, that she could still make it home.

But there's something so unsettling about a letter as opposed to a phone call or even a video message. What was happening to Abigail as she wrote it? Why did she write it at all?

It's almost the cruelest thing you can do to a mom -- to dangle hope like a carrot several feet in front of you. There's a link to her daughter, but it's not her daughter. She can't see her and can't touch her, can't hear her voice.

If I were in Zendaya Hernandez' shoes, I'm sure I'd be reading and re-reading that thing until my eyes could barely stay open, desperate for some clue in there, hoping that maybe my child snuck me some secret message of where she might be held.

The cops, by the way, do think she's being held, but they are hopeful that this letter might be an indication she's somewhere that we can find her. They want the public's help.

"Look at your neighbor. Look at the grocery store. Look at your church. Is there someone ... you haven’t seen before?” urged Associate New Hampshire Attorney General Jane Young in a statement to the media about Abigail's case.

Folks, I don't know if you tend to be a "mind my own beeswax" kind of person or if you are as nosy as ol' Gladys Kravitz. We all owe it to this kid, and to her mom, to keep an eye out. If you see something, say something!

What do you think the letter said?


Image via FBI

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