Guy Needs Our Help to Find Real-Life Cinderella He Met Last New Year's Eve

reese mckeeLove ActuallyThe Holiday, Sleepless in Seattle ... There are plenty of favorite festive, romantic flicks to take in this time of year, but let's not forget about Serendipity, shall we? Who doesn't love watching Jonathan Trager and Sara Thomas fall in love on that fateful night in NYC and then throw all caution to the wind to see if perhaps destiny brings them back together? Well, it is a nail-biter up until the very end when the other glove drops! So you can imagine why, like Jonathan, a guy named Reese McKee is tied up in knots over his very own Sara, a girl he met -- and lost -- last New Year's Eve in Hong Kong.

"I was just walking around and admiring the lights and found this girl just crying on the side of the road," the 25-year-old Kiwi explains. "I went and tried to help her out. She was lost. She'd lost all her friends."


He explains that he cheered her up with his "undeniably bad sense of humor," and then the two went out drinking, eventually finding her friends. When they parted ways at 6 a.m., the girl left Reese with very little to go on ... her name, her hometown (D.C.), her photo, and a simple request: "Find me." No cellphone, Facebook, nothin'. What the heck? Maybe she's seen Serendipity too many times?

So, Reese tried to find her, but he was having no luck. Couldn't even track her down via social media. So, this week, he tried again, invoking "this time of year [when] people have hope for the magic (of Christmas)." He continues, "If nothing else, it would just be great to get in touch with her and say 'thank you.' To say 'Hi, how are you doing?'" Aww!

Over 4,000 people have joined the search so far, and Reese's goal is to reunite with Katie just before midnight on New Year's EveIn his latest Facebook status update, Reese explains:

While the main aim of this event has been to reconnect with the now infamous 'Katie', it's also about me, finding myself and who I know I can be.

So sweet. Though I definitely think these two must be a bit drunk on romantic movies, perhaps they're meant for one another, and it's just going to take the help of a worldwide network of matchmakers to bring them together. Fingers crossed the pair can find one another before we ring in 2014!

Do you believe that fate and destiny play a role in who we end up with?


Image via Facebook

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