Gunfire Reports at LAX Cause Thousands of Panicked Travelers to Evacuate

LAXSome have been calling it a "prank," but the events that happened last night at Los Angeles International Airport are anything but funny.

It just goes without saying that when something fishy happens at an airport, you take it seriously. Which is exactly why an anonymous caller notified the police after a very loud crash was heard, thinking it was gunshots, causing over 2,000 people to evacuate.

But thankfully, it wasn't gunshots.


What actually happened was a very loud, very serious car crash ... that just sounded like gunshots.

A woman who was driving to the airport lost control of her SUV and crashed right outside of one of the terminals, right after hitting a pedestrian walking by. Police were then notified of the gunshot scare and sweeped two of the airport's terminals before deeming it safe for passengers. The two women involved in the crash are reportedly injured, but no further details have been released at this time.

I can't even imagine the anguish those travelers had to go through. Even if it's a false alarm, it's still an alarm. I'm not sure if I personally would be able to walk back into that airport after experiencing something like that.

How would you handle an airport scare? Would you be able to travel after a "false alarm"?

Image via ynkefan1/Flickr

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