Heartbroken Widow Does the Unthinkable After Her Husband's Death

In one of the saddest tales I’ve heard recently, it was discovered that a grieving widow has been sleeping next to the corpse of her husband for a year.

The 69-year-old unnamed Belgian woman never contacted the authorities to report the death of her husband Marcel, and instead chose to continue cohabitating with his decomposing body.


It’s thought that the 79-year-old man died of natural causes (possibly an asthma attack) last November.

Can you imagine the kind of heartache this woman must have been experiencing to lose her sense of reason like that? A decaying body cannot smell good. Most people liken it to pungent rotting garbage. Plus the person stops looking like themselves as their buddy mummifies.

Neighbors say they never noticed the smell, and authorities were only contacted when their landlord claimed they hadn’t paid rent since 2012.

There are some extremely graphic pictures posted, and it just breaks my heart for this woman, that she was so desperate to hold onto her husband that she kept him like this. It’s truly tragic.

How have you struggled with the death of a loved one?

Image via Steve/Flickr

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