College Student Auctions Off Her Virginity ... for the 2nd Time

catarina miglioriniWhy do I have Madonna's song "Like a Virgin" stuck in my head? Because for the second time, Catarina Migliorini is offering her virginity to the highest bidder. And if that doesn't make you do a double-take, you must not know the definition of "virgin." You may not recall, but in October of 2012, Migliorini sold her virginity for $780,000 to a Japanese millionaire. And now she's for sale again ... derr, the privilege of deflowering her is for sale, that is. How is this possible? Well, I'll tell you. Somehow the deal with the Japanese businessman fell through. They, ah, failed to close the deal.

So our game Brazilian college student is giving it another try, and this time she's hoping to get around $1.5 million. I have two burning questions. What went wrong with the Japanese millionaire? And is ANY sex with ANYONE worth paying $1.5 million?


Oh, just in case you're curious, the bidding starts at $100,000 at Wait, no, don't bother clicking on that link because it's broken at the moment. Is this just a stupid hoax?

Regardless ... ptthhh, what is there even to say about this silliness? I almost feel like I should apologize for bringing this to your attention at all, except you DID click on this story, so you must be at least morbidly curious. Maybe you're here just to indulge in a big, squishy, steamy pile of self-righteous judgy disgust -- in which case, you're welcome!

But back to our story, apparently Migliorini pulled out of last year's deal because when she met the guy, he apparently wasn't who he said he was ... or something like that. Not cute enough? Maybe he was, you know, every bit the creep you'd expect him to be. I mean, the kind of man who pays $780,000 to have sex with a virgin isn't exactly going to be a prince, know what I mean? If she was hoping to get it on with a handsome, gentlemanly man under the age of 60, she should probably try, you know, dating. I hear that works for most people.

Oh God, and then there's this whole bit about making a documentary about the deflowering, about which -- ugh. Not even going to touch that.

Anyway, as for my second question, is any sex with anyone worth paying $1.5 million? No. That is my unequivocal opinion. Good sex is priceless, but you have to earn it.

Do you think Catarina will follow through on the highest bid this time, or is she even serious about this?


Image via Virgins Wanted

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