Deadly Tornadoes Kill at Least 6 in Midwest, Destroy Entire Towns (VIDEO)

Dozens of destructive tornadoes and storms swept across the Midwest this weekend, leaving at least six people dead in Illinois and demolishing countless neighborhoods, including Washington, Illinois -- where an entire segment of the community is now reportedly homeless. Seven counties in Illinois were declared state disaster areas and a total of 12 states were affected by the storms, which were all part of the same system: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and parts of New York.


It's been reported that an 80-year-old man and his 78-year-old sister were killed when the tornado hit their home in New Minden, Illinois, but details have yet to be released about the other victims. The search is also on to find bodies that may still be trapped under rubble.

Rather than take a day or two to simply feel for the people living in these states, many of whom woke up this morning to deal with the fact that their homes are destroyed or are going to take tons of time and money to repair (and that they can still count their blessings because six poor souls lost their lives yesterday), some are immediately jumping on the who/what should we blame bandwagon.

Clearly, climate change is going to be a hot topic. Tornadoes and thunderstorms like these usually happen when the weather is warm enough to sustain them. They don't normally occur in mid-November, according to meteorologists, when there's usually snow on the ground in parts of the Midwest. Whether it annoys you or makes perfect sense, expect to hear about global warming and the part it may have played in kicking up this awful storm.

While Chicago's Soldier's Field was evacuated prior to the Bears' game, which was delayed, there are no reports that mandatory evacuations took place in communities and cities. It seems like people were really caught off-guard in this case. We hope the families who are suffering from the death of their loves ones can find peace during this terrible time and that all those affected by the storm will be able to rebuild and carry on as quickly as possible.

Here's video footage of how this destructive storm affected parts of the Midwest:

Do you think it's appropriate to debate controversial topics so soon after a natural disaster?


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