Passengers Revolt After Blind Man Is Unfairly Kicked Off Flight (VIDEO)

albert rizziYou know how whenever you're traveling, it seems like everyone is out for number one? Because they are. Their destination is the most important place. Their bag is the most precious cargo. Their time trumps anyone else's. That actually didn't happen recently. A group of passengers revolted recently after a blind man was kicked off of a flight because his guide dog wasn't fully under the seat. Or, as the flight attendant put it: The dog was "out of control."


According to reports, Albert Rizzi was removed from a flight going from Philadelphia to Long Island when his dog peeked his head out from under the seat after they sat on the tarmac for 90 minutes. After he was kicked off, Rizzi posted the following message to his Facebook page: "I cannot believe this. I was removed from the plane that I was supposed to be on to go home from Philadelphia because my dog couldn't sit in a spot for an hour and a half on the tarmac such a joke. So now I am in Philadelphia trying to figure out what I'm going to do to get home. I have never been so annoyed flying US Airways all year and this is the way the stewardess treatment!"

But after Rizzi's removal from the plane, something amazing happened: Other passengers were so disgusted with the way he was treated that they began speaking up on his behalf. And after they spoke up, the captain asked them to leave the plane! Instead of traveling by plane, they all took a bus to Long Island, arriving at 2:30 in the morning. US Airways has declined to comment on the incident, but a person claiming to be on the flight with Rizzi commented: "I was on a flight with Rizzi this past Sunday from Philadelphia to San Francisco and he was extremely courteous and appreciative of the airport staff and everyone around him. Shame on US Airways for kicking this man off the plane."

It's almost unbelievable that this actually happened (though I fully believe it to be true). Who would be so rude to a blind person because their guide dog got a bit restless (not out of control)? And who would kick people off of a flight for standing up for him? Something about this seems so backwards. People were punished for doing the right thing. 

Regardless, it's nice that people stood up for Rizzi. It would have been a bigger shame if people just idly stood there while he was unfairly and rudely treated. It sounds like it was a long and annoying ride home, but at least he wasn't alone. Way to fight the good fight.

What would you have done if you were on this flight?

Image via ABC

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