7 Moms Who Almost Went Without Thanksgiving Dinner

Adriana Velez | Nov 12, 2013 Breaking

thanksgiving dinnerWe know her as "Scary Mommy." But blogger Jill Smokler is doing something that's about as far from scary as it gets. For the third year in a row, Smokler is hosting the Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project, an online fundraiser that provides holiday dinners for families in need. As of tonight, the project has raised $125,675 and has adopted 2,280 families. Some 283 families have been waitlisted, so hopefully more donations will roll in. But these are just numbers. What's more inspiring is hearing what past recipients say about what this meant to them and their families.

You have until November 15 to contribute!

  • We Were Grieving After a Death in the Family



    In a time where we were grieving and financially hurting after a major death in the family, Scary Mommy came to the rescue. We were able to have an amazing Thanksgiving thanks to them. We will be forever grateful for the generosity of the community.

  • I'll Never Forget How They Came Through for Me



    I was waiting to hear on my disability claim and we were so very broke and behind on our bills. Scary Mommy saved me at Thanksgiving with a gift card to my local grocery store. I cried when I received it, it was such a big help to our family! I recently was approved for disability and I’ll never forget how Scary Mommy came through for me!

  • Help Came When I Needed It Most


    I happened upon the Scary Mommy site looking for a place to vent and connect with other mommies. After a few days I kept seeing a thread for Thanksgiving assistance. Being too proud, it took me several days to fill out the application. Once I completed everything, though, I felt right at home. The Thanksgiving help came at a time when I needed it most. My hope is that I can one day give back to Scary Mommy Nation.

  • Like I'd Won the Lottery



    We weren’t planning on having a Thanksgiving dinner at all in 2011, so when I was able to receive help, I felt like I’d won the lottery. I cried tears of joy ripping into the envelope and vowed at that moment to pay it forward. This year, I have a job, have paid down debt and am able to contribute to someone else’s meal. Doing that was one of the proudest moments of my life.

  • Changed My Whole Outlook on Life




    There are no words for the relief you have brought to my family. Knowing that there are people in this world who want to bring happiness into the lives of strangers has changed not only my holiday, but my outlook on life. From my family to all of yours, thank you.

  • My Heart Skipped a Beat


    Benny Mazur/Flickr

    I was confused for a moment when I saw the envelopes in my mail this afternoon (Huh? I don’t know anyone named Meghan in Arizona…). Then I remembered Scary Mommy, and my heart skipped a beat. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Meghan, and to the woman with the postmark from Kearny, NJ (signed simply “Me”) who also, incredibly, included “a little something extra for the upcoming gift-giving season.” You have made my family’s holidays immeasurably brighter. Thank you so, so much.

  • Near Tears


    Tim Pierce/Flickr

    I’m sitting here near tears … Thank you so much. This money means food on our table and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the rest of my family’s heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be possible this year without your love and kindness and generosity.

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