Autopsy of Black Teen Shot in White Neighborhood Confirms Fears

doorbellThe sad news keeps on coming out of Detroit. Cops now have the autopsy report on Renisha McBride, the black teen shot when she rang a doorbell to find help in a predominantly white neighborhood after a car accident. The shooting has already drawn a lot of national attention for its possible racial motivation, and the medical examiner's report isn't going to quiet the outrage -- that's for sure.

Renisha's death has officially been ruled a homicide by the medical examiner's office. What's more, they say she was not shot in the back as some media reports had indicated.


Renisha was shot in the face, but the shot did not come at close range, according to the ME's report.

The latter fact would seem to coincide with the 54-year-old homeowner's alleged claim that he accidentally fired his gun when investigating what he thought might be a break-in. It will be up to cops to determine what's fact and fiction there, and the prosecutor has promised they are weighing whether charges are to come.

The former finding, whether charges come or not, confirms fears we've had from the moment this story broke. It certainly sounds as though Renisha was doing exactly as described over and over -- standing there, facing the house, waiting for help. She was looking at this front door, expecting some kindness, and instead was answered with a bullet that claimed her life.

Accident or no accident, this finding indicates Renisha's face was to the door, that it should have been clear who was at the door -- a young girl, not an intruder. One would think that seeing a young girl, a clearly scared and hurt young girl (she did just have a car accident after all), would be reason enough to put down the darn gun!

Unless this really was racially motivated?

What do you make of the final moments for Renisha McBride? What should cops do now?


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