Couple's Football Bet Goes Horribly Wrong When a Stun Gun Gets Involved

Have you ever been tempted to make a sports bet with your spouse that would result in one of you being painfully attacked with an electroshock weapon? If so, let this Wisconsin couple be your cautionary tale, because after a Monday Night Football contest gone horribly wrong, a husband is in jail and a wife likely has a very sore rear end.

Also, I'm guessing they're both more than a little hungover.

John and Nicole Grant managed to overcome some pretty significant differences in order to marry: he's a Chicago Bears fan, she loves the Green Bay Packers. However, their friendly rivalry took an ominous turn early Tuesday morning when a stun gun got involved. It started out as the consensual outcome to a game bet, but as cocky booze-fueled challenges tend to do, things quickly fell apart once Nicole was actually tased in the ass.


John's story is that before the game, Packer backer Nicole bet him that if Green Bay lost, John could use a Taser on her for three seconds. When the Bears prevailed at 27-20, John made good on the wager by zapping Nicole on her butt while they were hanging out a tavern. At some point Nicole must have changed her mind about the whole deal, because local police received a call around 12:40 a.m. from a woman complaining that her husband had used a stun gun on her against her will.

Unfortunately for her version of the events, a cellphone video reviewed by officers showed her laughing and consenting to the tasing. Plus, she'd actually texted her sons ahead of time to let them know about the bet. Nicole claims she never actually believed her husband would go through with it, and that while the device had been used on the outside of her clothing, it caused burn marks on her buttocks.

As for how it felt? Nicole says:

Hell yeah it hurt.

Haaaaaaaaaa. Well no SHIT, lady.

It seems obvious this was just a stupid drunken bet that devolved into a even stupider fight, but John's now in jail because it's illegal to own Tasers in Wisconsin without a permit. An electric weapon charge is a felony count (!!) carrying a maximum six-year prison term (and a fine of up to $10,000), so ... yeah. Wow. Just a really, really bad idea all around, Grant family.

How devoted are you to YOUR favorite team? Like, stun gun levels of devotion?

Image via jstar/Flickr

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